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Season 2020 Update from the Pres

As a result of the continued spread of COVID-19, The Adelaide Football League season for 2020 remains on hold and will not commence until at least the weekend of June 13th.

This continues to remain contingent upon clearances from the relevant Government and Health authorities. I have had discussions with various officials earlier this week and whilst not giving any sort of guarantees, they seemed to suggest, a season is still a possibility. When, and if we return to football, we will only do it with the consent of the relevant authorities and with the safety and well being of our players, coaches, support staff and supporters as a priority.

With all official football activities suspended, our coaches, under the guidance of Damian Boots, have put together various programmes for the players to maintain a level of fitness. I can only encourage the players to keep working and communicating within the teams you have been allotted, to maintain your fitness. Additionally, it is a great way to stay in touch and work through this difficult time together. Damian is going to work out a points system and the winning team will enjoy a dinner at Amalfi’s, with all the trappings, when we are allowed.

I have been in touch in Nelson’s sportswear and they advise that most the merchandise has arrived, but they are still awaiting a couple of items. We have decided to wait until all items are delivered, before arranging a pick up time and place. You will be advised through the normal channels when we get to this point.

As you would be aware, many of our sponsors and partners have been badly affected by the virus and ensuing shutdowns. It will be important to support these businesses when they reopen and I hope to put some more colour around what we can do as a Club, in the future.

The Club worked hard last year to build our Finances and put some reserves in place. Whilst our expenses will be down this year, we will still be paying a number of fixed costs and have spent money in the lead up to the season, which were unavoidable and vital to the 2020 season. We are therefore now budgeting for a loss, that will be covered by our reserves.

A number of players have paid subs and we are holding them until we know what is going to happen this year. We will, however, be refunding some, or all of those funds, in due course.

Whilst preparing for the worst, but hoping for the best, we will continue to manage our finances carefully and prudently. At some stage I may need to call on the broader Iggies family to help us out, but I will await some clarity on the season, before reaching out. Hopefully, if nothing else, I hope we can put our annual business lunch on at some stage this year.

Finally, can I thank Damian, Tom and the other coaches along with Kev, who have put together training programmes and have been in contact with many players. If any player needs help or support during these unprecedented times, I encourage you to get in touch with the coaches, myself or your team leaders. Players welfare remains our number one priority and anyone who has been involved with Iggies, know that we band together during tough times, so please do not hesitate to jump on a phone and seek help or guidance.


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