OIFC Members 2022

OIFC Members receive a number of club benefits as well as ensuring the future success of the club. We would like to thank the following people for joining as an OIFC Member.

Richard Branford
Peter Ormandy
Andrew Manson
Nick O’Loughlin
Louise Ormandy
Richard Ward
Joe Pedler
Patrick Keane
Greg Basso
Chris Prior
Martin Abbott
Steven Nayda
Vic Rasera
Mark O'Loughlin

Nick Healy
Michael King

Michael Connelly
Paul Griffin
Michael McCabe
Joe Birks
Grant Ortlepp
Jacquie McCabe
Daniel Robinson
Richard Scollin
Lawrence Ben
Greg Howe
Tom Kelly (x3)
John Kelly
Kristina Manson
Brendan Devine
Bryan van Der Jeugd