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OIFC Womens

Old Ignatians Football Club Women's started life as an idea pitched to the club committee in late 2017 by Airlie Walters. The girls had gathered plenty of interested players to join and guaranteed to fill a team every week. The club was onboard from the very start and from there it was just a matter of putting the pieces together to make it happen.

We have strong ties with St Ignatius College and also Aquinas College, so are fortunate to welcome many new players every year. We are also always open to Women from outside St Ignatius/Aquinas to join the club.

The Club currently has a number of Women's players represented on the committee providing valuable experience and knowledge to the whole club. Nominations to join the committee are open in the lead up to the Annual General Meeting at the end of each season. The committee are always looking for volunteers to help out.

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