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Pre Season Message from the Coach

As of next Monday 22nd February all players that are intending to play for the club this year must commit to two nights training NO EXCUSES. That means if you are injured you still attend. Social sport is not a reason or an excuse to miss training so don't come to me with that one. Blokes getting injured at social sport need to make the training sessions and will work in whatever capacity they can.

Division 2 football is a level most players in our group have not played or experienced and some guys are in for a rude shock unless we prepare every session between now and round 1. The easy road is not an option. Regardless of how well we have recruited there is no place for complacency in my team.

Commit now and the results will come. The group moving forward should be 50+ every session. Other clubs are getting this number plus more and are training three nights a week. More is not necessarily better but if you are not doing 2 sessions a week then you are already 2 or more sessions behind the bloke you will be playing against. Destiny is in your hands. Collectively we can decide which we go which is hugely exciting. Just don't let yourself or others down.

Have a great weekend and see you all Monday.  Trust me you don't want to be the bloke receiving phone calls from here in asking why you weren't at training....

Cheens. 0415 610 082

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