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2019 Presentation Day Award Winners

This year we held the Presentation Lunch at the Norwood Function Centre on the 21st of September, with the day kicking off at midday. Awesome to pack out the room with 150 people attending the afternoon. Apologies for the lack of photos as I was unable to attend myself, but I'd like to congratulate the award winners listed below.

Womens: - Best & Fairest: Kate Harris

- Coaches Award: Alice Winter

- Most Improved: Rachel Farlam

- Best Defender: Lili Gambranis

- Leading Goalkicker: Sophie Penta

Kate Harris - 2019 B & F

D Grade:

- Best & Fairest: Sam Schultz

- Coaches Award: Bailey Marzola

- Best Team Man: Nick Kirchner

- Most Consistent: Ben Stevens

Sam Schultz - 2019 B & F

C Grade:

- Best & Fairest: Seb Basso

- Coaches Award: Ben Schwab

- Best Team Man: Franco Chitti

- Most Consistent: Josh Buick

Seb Basso - 2019 B & F

B Grade:

- Best & Fairest: Tim Bigg

- Coaches Award: Sam Winter

- Best Team Man: Seb Green

- Most Consistent: Daniel Orlando

Tim Bigg - 2019 B & F

A Grade:

- Best & Fairest: Sam Boots

- Best Team Man: Brad Jones

- Most Consistent: Matt Brunoli

- Most Improved: Isaac Ryan

Sam Boots - 2019 B & F

Club Awards:

- Supporters Best Player: Lawrence Comazzetto

- Best Defender: Austin Murdoch

- Club Leading Goalkicker: Charles Woodham

- Best In Finals: Lawrence Comazzetto - Best First Year Player: Will Ferrari

Also need to congratulate 4 of our players for making the A3 Team Of The Year:

- Austin Murdoch

- Sam Boots

- Lawrence Comazzetto

- Matt Brunoli

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