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Women's Footy 2020 - Preliminary Finals!

Firstly I'd just like to thank everyone that has played a role in the development of the club's Women's Football. I'm reluctant to name individuals as I know I'm likely to miss important people, so a broad thank you to everyone who has been involved.

Even with such a difficult situation this season, a massive positive has been the addition of a reserve Women's team. After finishing runner up in Division 3 last season, the Women earnt promotion to Division 2, however with a reserves team, the league structure meant the only real option was to move into Div 1!

To put some perspective on this, 2 years ago the majority of these Women had never kicked a football prior to playing in the Division 5 competition. They had a huge learning experience in a trial match where they lost heavily but still had fun anyway. I was at their first league match vs Adelaide Lutheran and it was evident the Women were still getting their head around some of the more obscure footy rules and learning the game (If a kick out goes out of bounds without being touched it's a free kick to the opposition was one example), which Men typically do at a lot younger age. They won that match pretty comfortably and have gone from strength to strength since.

So from 2018 in Div 5 to 2020 in Div 1 with a reserves team is absolutely incredible, further to that, both teams making finals and both will play off for Grand Final spots in this weekends Preliminary Finals!

Everyone involved should be immensely proud of the achievement of these teams and I urge anyone to head out to the matches this weekend. Check the club Facebook page for details of the Prelim FInals.

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