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Club Membership & Supporters 2021

From 'The Pres'

I would like to thank and acknowledge the supporters who have joined either the President’s Club or Supporters Club over the last 5 weeks. As I have said before, the Club can only survive and thrive with the generosity and financial contributions of our many past players, parents and supporters. The Club remains committed to providing a welcoming and professional environment for more than 160 registered players. Fielding six teams weekly and training four nights a week, comes with a responsibility and duty of care, which the Club takes seriously.

Membership options remain open and the committee has set a target of $10k. We are just over half way there, so I ask that you consider supporting the Club in this endeavor. You can join by going to our website and following the MEMBER link.

Listed below are our current Members, who again I thank.


- Peter Ward

- Brett Waterman

- Chris Clohesy

- Jerry D’Antochia


- Richard Branford

- Peter Ormandy

- Andrew Manson

- Nick O’Loughlin

- Louise Ormandy

- Richard Ward

- Joe Pedler

- Patrick Keane

- Greg Basso

- Chris Prior

- Martin Abbott

- Steven Nayda

- Vic Rasera

- Michael King

- Michael Connelly

- Paul Griffin

- Michael McCabe

- Joe Birks

- Grant Ortlepp

- Jacquie McCabe

- Daniel Robinson

- Richard Scollin

- Lawrence Ben

- Greg Howe

- Tom Kelly Tom Kelly Tom Kelly (joined 3 times)



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