Player welfare and mental health is of the highest priority at Old Ignatians Football Club. Understanding that 1 in 5 Australians will experience difficulties with mental health in a given year and 1 in 2 at some point in their lives, we aim to hold yearly mental health and welfare seminars for our playing group and our members.

There are people at the club who are always available to listen and promise confidentiality should you need someone to speak to. Please don't hesitate to contact someone at the Club you feel most comfortable talking to, or email

Below are some resources to further information and assistance.

Thanks to Natalie from Cognition for her talk about Men’s Health on Thursday 25th May at the monthly dinner. Attached is some resources provided from her.

Please follow the links below for the relevant information:

- Depression


- Drug and Alcohol Services


- Family Violence and Sexual Assault


- Financial Help


- Gambling


- Homelessness and Hardship


- Mental Health

- Quitline


- Relationships


- Stress and Anxiety