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Phantom Match

It was a cold, wet, winter afternoon on the 8th of August 1981. On the drive up to the foothills of Adelaide to St Ignatius College Senior School, Athelstone. Sitting in the passenger seat of Rick Scolin's red VB Commodore with chart topping 'Bette Davis Eyes' distorting from the FM radio, the weather was described as "bleak" and upon arrival at Manresa Ct, the condition of Bourke Oval was less than inviting for the men who made the journey.

As the 2:15pm start time loomed, it became evident that the majority of Scotch Old Collegians decided the re run of 'The Wedding of Charles, Prince of Wales and Lady Diana Spencer', curled up on the chesterfield, warm cup of Earl Grey with the log fire crackling away, was far more appealing than trekking to the other side of Adelaide to slosh about in the mud.

With the threat of a fine from the Amateur League for having to forfeit seeming likely, someone suggested that the money would be better spent at a nearby establishment and the match could simply be fabricated. All in attendance agreed, including the umpire, so both teams and officials headed down the road to a dry, warm bar to enjoy a butcher or two of West End's finest.

A raucous time was had by all in attendance, filling out the official league paperwork including teamsheets, goal kickers and voting cards, giving Old Ignatians a win 18.17 to Scotch 10.7. The 58 point win was agreed upon to look legitimate but also give Old Ignatians the same percentage as a forfeit.


However, even in the days pre mobile phones and social media, word quickly spread about the events of the afternoon and before they knew it, the coaches of each team were called to explain themselves to the League tribunal.


Scotch OC's Ross Bourne and Old Ignatians Peter Kelly were both suspended until July 1982, each club fined $50 and all premiership points and percentage stripped. Both club's officals were given a stern dressing down by the League Executive including club secretaries and presidents. The umpire on the day was suspended from duty until he faced the tribunal. He never did.

News of the event spread far and wide with most major newspapers picking up the story, including The Times in the UK! Below are a few articles I've found from my archives, if you have better quality versions or any others, I'd love to have them! Please send to